We handle your data carefully. If you want to know more about how we do this, please read our privacy statement.
1. Management
  • The website is managed by Koninklijke de Kuyper B.V.
2. Visitor data
  • Some data originating from one or more visits to www.dekuyper.com are stored permanently, albeit anonymously. The data shall therefore never be traced back to a person or organisation.
  • Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. ensures that stored data is well-secured.
3. Cookies
  • Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. uses functional cookies to optimise the functionality of certain pages on the website. Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on the visitor’s computer by the website visited.
  • The user can personally decide how cookies should be handled. They can set their browser to allow, not allow, or partly allow the use of functional cookies. In the latter case, it can be specified which websites may place functional cookies. All other websites are prevented from doing so. This option is offered by the most commonly-used modern browsers.
  • Cookies can also be deleted from a computer, including through the browser.
  • Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. uses analytics cookies, which do not process the surfing behaviour of individuals but rather that of large numbers of visitors in an anonymised form. This data is turned into graphics and patterns which help us to improve and optimise our website and service provision.
4. Questions
  • Visitors can direct their questions about this Privacy Policy to Koninklijke de Kuyper B.V. The contact details can be found on the website .
5. Disclaimer
  • Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. is entitled to amend the contents of the Privacy Policy without informing the visitor of this. Implementing the change on the website is sufficient for this.
6. Data provided by the customer
  • Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. may use data provided by the customer for the following purposes:
    1. Processing personal data for the purposes of service provision by Koninklijke de Kuyper B.V.
    2. Sending one or more e-mails relating to cloud software of Third Parties such as Muis and Nmbrs, such as but not limited to an e-mail giving log-in details.
    3. (Occasionally) bringing a product, service, tip, skill, etc. which Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. believes to be relevant to the (potential) customer or website visitor to their attention.
7. Disclosing data to third parties
  • Data the customer provides to Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. shall never be forwarded to third parties. However, there is an exception to this rule: in cases where there is a judicial order requiring the data to be disclosed.
8. Security
  • Data the customer provides to Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. shall be stored in a secured environment.
9. Amending customer data
  • The customer has the option to amend the data they have provided at any time. In such instances, Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. may ask the customer to communicate the change in a way recommended by Koninklijke De Kuyper B.V. and in some cases may require proof of identity. To this end, the customer can send an e-mail to with the subject line:¬†“Request to amend personal data”
10. The Dutch-language version of privacy legislation prevails.Schiedam, May 2018
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