Sustainability our approach and ambition

De Kuyper Royal Distillers is a family-owned business since 1695, the company has been handed over from one generation to another. We want to continue in this tradition for the generations to come. That is why it’s important to take our responsibility for people and planet. At de Kuyper we have strong ideas about social and environmental activities. Over the past years, we initiated projects in several parts of our business and supply chain.

Going forward, we encourage an active sustainability mindset and implement a structured sustainability management in our company with the main goal of becoming a climate neutral spirits company of the Netherlands. The Key Sustainability Goals that lay at the core of this mission are:

01. Communication and responsible consumption

02. Encouraging synergy and reducing inequalities

03. Environmental management

04. Responsible production

05. Involvement in society and good citizenship

01 Communication and responsible consumption

We encourage consumers to make good choices themselves. We actively support measures to ensure that advertisements are only targeted at consumers who have reached the legal minimum drinking age.We offer great tasting cocktails of high quality for everyone who is legally allowed to drink alcohol and for every taste. From No and Low alcoholic cocktails to vegan alternatives to our signature products. We want to inform our consumers as good as possible, so they can make well-informed choices. We encourage enjoyment with our products and advise usage of alcohol in moderation.

Key Goal: Reducing harmful use of alcohol

02 Encouraging synergy and reducing inequalities

We are a company rooted in family, one that thinks in generations to serve the needs of all stakeholders. We substantiate the added value that arises from working together with our stakeholders, from our direct colleague to government agencies. We believe that when people feel respected and involved, they can be more creative, innovative and successful.

To be involved, you need to feel included and valued. We aim to get the balance right between short-term delivery and long-term sustainability, between top-line growth and overall stakeholder value creation. We join forces at local and international level and experience the positive effect of this in all partnerships.

We strive to build and nurture a culture for our employees, where inclusivity is a reflex, not an initiative. We are committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills and views. And while there is still more that can be done to promote diversity and inclusion, we are genuinely committed to moving our business forward.

Key Goal: Care for and support our stakeholders

03 Environmental management

We want to keep environmental burden to a minimum in order to preserve our natural resources for the future. That is why we have committed ourselves to developing a circularity strategy to create a circularity mindset across the company. Projects range from innovative, nature-based solutions to investment and development in the company’s infrastructure.

The consumption of gas, light, water and energy is measured and assessed weekly. It is assessed whether waste has occurred and whether the consumption is in accordance with our Environmental Permit. Various measures have been taken to limit the consumption of the above sources, including: the installation of solar panels, energy-efficient compressors, optimization of the cooling water system, reducing and managing the energy consumption of air conditioners, replacement of all lighting with LED and stimulation of electric/hybrid driving and other green transportation options. Besides that process schedules have been drawn up for all our production processes, including flows with raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging, end products and waste flows.

Key Goal: Give back to the environment at least as much as we take

04 Responsible production

De Kuyper is in favor of the use of responsible and, where possible, natural raw materials. Our raw materials include sugar and alcohol, eggs, cream, herbs and spices.

For several years now, we have been monitoring our suppliers’ progress in terms of sustainability, animal welfare and environmental impact on an annual basis. In our supply chain, Avandis is mainly responsible for all procurement of product-related raw materials. The vast majority of our raw materials come from the Netherlands and other countries in Western Europe.

By mapping where our raw materials come from, we have the opportunity to choose suppliers that are, like us, focused on a more sustainable world. This is a continuous process and has a high priority in our sustainability policy. It’s our goal to work together with our stakeholders for a better future. With regard to our own direct impact on the environment, we are committed to avoiding or minimizing emissions, reusing water and saving energy in all parts of the chain.

Key Goal: Source our materials responsibly

05 Involvement in society and good citizenship

De Kuyper is involved in the community. Our company is built on honesty, human connection and the joy of bringing people together. We are active in various organizations and associations and we want to show our commitment by supporting charities and sponsoring various local activities. We are committed to supporting underrepresented communities especially in the field of education and hospitality.

Key Goal: Take care of our community

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