Unique blend of cacao, vanilla, cinnamon and arrack to refine classic cocktails

Schiedam, October 2019. De Kuyper Royal Distillers, recently named Liqueur Producer of the Year at ISC 2019, and internationally renowned bartender Joerg Meyer launched their liqueur innovation DUTCH CACAO in Germany at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) before rolling it out to more countries. The unique blend made of the finest cacao, the best vanilla, a choice of cinnamon and arrack is the perfect créme de cacao for many classic cocktails. The leading bartender and bar owner (Le Lion • Bar de Paris / Boilerman Bar) cooperated with De Kuyper to benefit from its over 320 years of expertise in distilling the best aromas out of every possible botanical. By co-creating liqueurs with top bartenders De Kuyper aims to innovate and premiumise the liqueur category.

An unique Créme de Cacao to refine classic cocktails Just like De Kuyper Joerg Meyer loves classic cocktails, and for many cocktail classics he has been looking for the perfect crème de cacao blanc. For Meyer, the crystal clear cacao distillate is the epitome of elegant, timeless drinks. These genuine classics include the 20th Century Cocktail, the Mariposa Fizz or a Gin Alexander. In honor of these elegant drinks cocktail lover Meyer and the experienced Dutch distiller have developed a newly conceived Crème de Cacao: DUTCH CACAO. The idea and the aim were like a timeless cocktail: a couple of extraordinary ingredients mixed with experience. DUTCH CACAO is a journey to the best ingredients from all parts of the world. It is spiced with arrack from Indonesia that is full of character. First-class Indonesian cacao beans and Bourbon vanilla are joined by fine Ceylon cinnamon. While transforming the destillate into a Crème de Cacao blanc the aim was to use as little sugar as necessary to become the right partner for dry drinks and high-quality spirits. And that is precisely why DUTCH CACAO tastes perfect not only in classic cocktails but also pure, on ice.

“We feel honoured to have created this supreme Créme de Cacao with a flavour unlike any other together with Joerg. Besides refining classic cocktails we are convinced, that DUTCH

CACAO will significantly influence the creation of new inspiring cocktails across the world”, says Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper Royal Distillers. Following the global corporate vision to “Own the Cocktail”, the Dutch family company started to innovate the liqueurs category by launching modern liqueurs made by top bartenders to inspire other bartenders worldwide. Apart from DUTCH CACAO De Kuyper created MUYU with Monica Berg, Simone Caporale and Alex Kratena as well as ACQUA BIANCA with “Il maestro” Salvatore Calabrese. “The co-creation of liqueurs with leading bartenders is a key pillar of our global strategy and an important part of how we want to innovate, lead and premiumise the liqueur category,“ explains de Witte. As the owner of the world’s largest premium cocktail liqueur brand and holding some of the most renowned liqueurs such as Mandarine Napoléon, Cherry Heering and Peachtree, De Kuyper is the worldwide market leader in liqueurs operating in over 100 markets.

Editor’s Notes • DUTCH CACAO, 24% ABV • Available from November 2019 for 29,99 Euro (RSP) per 0.7 l bottle at • Signature Serves: in classic cocktails like the “20th Century Cocktail”, the “Mariposa Fizz” or in a “Gin Alexander”

About De Kuyper Royal Distillers De Kuyper Royal Distillers is a family-owned liqueur and premium botanical-based spirits company founded in 1695 by Petrus De Kuyper. The company, headquartered in Schiedam near Rotterdam (NL), owns the global market-leading brand in cocktail liqueurs and is both the owner and the producer of a number of world-famous liqueurs such as Peachtree, Cherry Heering, Mandarine Napoléon and the botanical-based spirits of the Rutte international range. De Kuyper has been awarded “Liqueur Producer of the Year 2019” by the International Spirits Competition (ISC). Mark de Witte is the company’s global CEO. Media contact De Kuyper Royal Distillers: Yvonne Naber, Global PR,

About Joerg Meyer: In 2007 Jörg Meyer opened the bar Le Lion, which already six months after the opening at the TALES OF THE COCKTAIL was awarded as the world’s best opening and since then has been placed several times on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. Meyer’s biggest coup was the creation of Gin Basil Smash (2008), which is now at home on bar cards all over the world and is regularly ranked in the “World’s Top 100 Cocktails” list of the English trade magazine Difford’s Guide. In 2019 Joerg Meyer was awarded 26th place among the 100 most influential personalities of the bar industry worldwide by DRINKS INTERNATIONAL magazine.

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