Warninks Advocaat is a smooth velvety liqueur with a creamy texture. Advocaat is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, alcohol and sugar. Warninks Advocaat is full bodied with a sweet and creamy texture with aromas of vanilla. The rich and creamy drink has a smooth, custard-like flavour and is comparable to eggnog. It is a classic brand that is enjoyed in cocktails like Snowball as well as neat with whipped cream on top.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Warninks

Warninks Advocaat is a firm favorite in the UK, especially around Christmas. As some say: ‘It wouldn’t be Christmas without Warninks’. The cocktail that is synonymous with Christmas is the Warninks Snowball. The Warninks Snowball can be made by mixing ¼ of Warninks Advocaat with ¾ lemonade and the juice of half a lime. Warninks represents 97% of all advocaat sales in the UK.


Warninks Snowball ready-to-drink

As of Christmas 2019, the Warninks Snowball will also be available in a ready-to-drink can. The ready-to-drink can is very convenient as you don’t have to prepare the drink yourself. Plus, it’s perfectly balanced. Just grab it from your fridge and you’re good to go! It’s perfect for parties or when you just want to try a Warninks Snowball without buying a whole bottle.


Warninks Advocaat as a Dutch classic

In the Netherlands, Advocaat is a traditional Dutch classic. Warninks Advocaat is made in Holland since 1616 and Warninks was one of the original producers of advocaat. Warninks Advocaat is a rich and tasteful drink — a sweet and creamy texture with yummy aromas of vanilla. Its flavour? Smooth, custard-like, and you could compare it to eggnog.  Warninks Advocaat is available at 17,2% alcohol, at 14% alcohol called Warninks Scharrelaartje (50cl and 70cl), and at 8% alcohol called Warninks Tokkelroom (50cl). With our Warninks Lemon Cheesecake (35cl) you can even indulgence the taste of lemon cheesecake in a delicious creamy drink variant. All products are excellent for drinking pure, with whipped cream on top or on ice, to use in a cake or even custard. No matter how you drink your Advocaat, just simply enjoy.


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