Only using exclusive and natural ingredients since 1872, Rutte is an expert in creating and distilling the finest botanical spirits. The production takes place at the historical distillery in Dodrecht, near Rotterdam. It has been said, it’s the smallest distillery in The Netherlands. Small batches, artisanal production, 100% hands-on – Rutte has always been just that.

The Rutte International Range, classic and rich in tradition, includes Rutte Celery Gin (awarded best gin during the 2016 Spirited Awards®) , Rutte Old Simon Genever and Rutte Dry Gin.

The International Range is available in over 100 markets worldwide. Rutte recently added three new varieties, available in selected markets: Rutte Sloe Gin, Rutte Old Tom Genever and Rutte Paradyswyn. While they’re appearing in a new interpretation by our current Master Distiller Myriam Hendrickx, they’re all based on old recipes found in the notebooks of the Rutte family. Traditional botanicals and methods as used by previous Rutte distillers, and production is just as it was 150 years ago – crafted in small quantities.

Celery Gin
a harmonious blend of juniper, cardamom and celery. Celery is not a new flavour for Rutte: very early documentation of the distillery shows experimentation with unusual botanicals, including celery and it also is used in other products of the distillery. Seven generations and nearly 150 years of Rutte distillation experience have been elegantly woven into this Gin using modern gin production expertise paired with knowledge accumulated through the decades. Rutte Celery Gin is distilled from botanicals including natural celery, juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel and cardamom. It’s not the celery stick but the leaves which are used, so the celery is not a dominating flavour but a savoury yet simultaneously fresh element in the nose and taste.

Well-integrated on the palate, mingling with the coriander to provide a rich and softly spicy centre citrus and sweet juicy juniper provide a contrasting sharpness. Try it in our Celery Gin and Tonic

Old Simon Rutte
Old Simon Genever is a blend of triple distilled malt spirit and distillates and macerates from grain with eleven unique botanicals and roasted nuts. Prepared according to the old recipe of our founder Simon Rutte. This genever is distilled from grains, herbs, juniper berries and last but not least — nuts. Before being added to the pot still the nuts are roasted which give the Old Simon that distinguished nuttiness.

While the traditional way to drink a genever is as a “chaser” with beer (a “kopstoot” in Dutch), bartenders around the world value the traditional production and the purity of the products for innovative drink experiences and reinterpretations of classic cocktails.

Try it neat or in a Martinez cocktail.

Sloe Gin


Made of the finest, carefully selected natural ingredients and employing distillery knowledge gained by generations of craftsmanship, this Sloe Gin exudes a completely balanced, fruity aroma.

Sloe Gin is an old gin category originating in England, where Gin was infused with sloe berries and sweetened with sugar, mostly for neat consumption. The use of sugar actually puts this gin closer to liqueurs in its flavour and use.

Rutte Sloe Gin is based on an old recipe from former Master Distiller John Rutte, who created his “Sleedoorn Likeur” (sloe berry liqueur) in the early 1970s. For his infusion with gin he used fresh berries that he picked himself in the Biesbosch, a national park with countless rivers and creeks near the distillery site in Dordrecht. The interpretation of John’s recipe that we’re bottling nowadays includes a distillate of sloes, next to the maceration of sloes, which gives this gin a complex structure of bitter almond and plum, next to the floral and fruity notes of the macerated fresh fruits. Besides sloe berries, Rutte Sloe Gin gets its special botanical notes from juniper, coriander, orris root, galangal, orange blossom, gentian and vanilla.

Try it topped up with sparkling wine as a “sloe royale”

Dry Gin
A harmonious blend of juniper, fresh orange peel and fennel. We went deep into our distillers’ archives to create our Dry Gin. Hand written notes from master distiller Jan Rutte (Simon’s grandson) dating back to 1930 inspired us to fashion this elegant, dry gin. Our aim was to create an exceptionally smooth dry gin, which makes for a thirst-quenching gin and tonic or a classic cocktail that is effortless, yet complex. In time the recipe has evolved and unique ingredients have been added: fresh, hand peeled oranges. Distilled with juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, cassia, bitter orange peel and fennel.


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