Only using exclusive and natural ingredients since 1872, Rutte is an expert in creating and distilling the finest botanical spirits. The production takes place at the historical distillery in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam. Small batches, artisanal production, 100% hands-on – Rutte has always been just that.

The Rutte International Range, classic and rich in tradition, includes Rutte Dutch Dry Gin (formely the Celery Gin, awarded best new gin during the 2016 Spirited Awards®) and Rutte Old Simon Genever. While they’re appearing in a new interpretation by our current Master Distiller Myriam Hendrickx, they’re all based on old recipes found in the notebooks of the Rutte family and production is just as it was 150 years ago. quantities.

The International Range is widely available across the globe.

Dutch Dry Gin

Rutte Dutch Dry Gin is distilled from 100% organic botanicals including celery, juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel and cardamom. It is unique that Rutte uses fresh orange peels and that the distiller peels the fruit by hand. As for the celery, it’s not the celery stick but another plant, with just leaves, that is used to create this harmonious blend. Celery is not a new flavor  for Rutte: very early documentation of the distillery shows experimentation with unusual botanicals, including celery. It is not a dominating flavor, (komma)  but a savory, (komma)  yet simultaneously fresh element in the nose and taste. Well-integrated on the palate, mingling with the coriander. Try it in our gin and tonic.

Old Simon Rutte

Prepared according to the old recipe of our founder Simon Rutte. This genever is distilled from grains and twelve botanicals: such as juniper berries, coriander, orris root, mace, celery seed and last but not least roasted walnuts  and hazelnuts. While the traditional way to drink a genever is as a “chaser” with beer (a “kopstoot” in Dutch), bartenders around the world value the traditional production and the purity of the products for innovative drink experiences and reinterpretations of classic cocktails.

Try it neat or in a Martinez cocktail.

Rutte Single Malt Genever

The national Dutch range includes many more genevers, amongst which wooden aged ones, such as the Rutte Single Malt Genever,  is the Dutch equivalent of a single malt whisky. It is distilled from 100% barley, the same way a malt whisky is. Barley gives flavours of chocolate, toast and caramel to the liquid. The barley distillate, also called malt spirit, is aged for 4 years on new barrels, made from American oak. The only difference with malt whisky is that genever has added botanicals. Rutte uses a distillate, called ‘gebeide’, that has been in the Rutte family for generations. It contains angelica root, orris root, coriander seed and juniper of course.







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