Since 1818, Heering cherry liqueur is exploring the world. Being the first cherry liqueur, this iconic and authentic Scandinavian product from Copenhagen is a true treat unlike any others. All natural, using real cherries and botanicals to create its rich flavour. Easily mixed or at the center of a cocktail, Heering is that special, exciting and well-crafted ingredient that makes the drink and tells a story.

Heering’s heritage
Heering was established in 1818 by Peter F. Heering, a young business man trading colonial goods in the Copenhagen Harbour. His former boss’s wife gave him a recipe for Cherry Cordial. He saw the potential in this old cherry liqueur recipe, and over time “Heering cherry liqueur” became a staple on the cargo ships leaving to ports all around the world. From Calcutta to Madras, from Shanghai to Jakarta —Heering quickly gained popularity all around the globe. The word spread and soon everybody wanted a taste of the sophisticated Danish liqueur.

The first and most awarded cherry liqueur
Heering is not only the oldest cherry liqueur in the world, but also the most awarded. Heering is the trophy winner of the International Spirits Challenge 2019, being the highest accolade a brand can receive from the ISC and is regarded as one of the most respected and sought-after awards in the drinks industry. Heering is to be found all over the world in the best bars and is used as a key ingredient in legendary cocktail classics.

A true treat
Heering cherry liqueur contains only the finest natural ingredients, including sweet black cherries and botanicals, prepared after the old Heering family recipe. Heering is there for those moments you really want to treat yourself with a well-chosen and full-flavoured drink made of special and well-crafted ingredients. Enjoy Heering in a full-flavoured aperitif or in a delicious after-dinner drink.


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