BÉBO Cuban Coffee Liqueur owes its distinctive flavour to its unique main ingredient: 100% Cuban Arabica coffee. To get the best out of the beans, both cold and hot extraction is used. BÉBO doesn’t use any artificial colours or aromas, not even caramel. BÉBO is developed to make the perfect Espresso Martini cocktail.

BÉBO’s story
As legend would have it, down a small side street in Havana you could once find an unassuming coffee shop run by an innocent-looking Señora BÉBO. Order your coffee ‘con leche’, and Señora would serve it with milk and a smile. Order it ‘mucho gusto’ and a BÉBO Espresso Martini would be served with a little something extra – entrance to the most notorious night club in Havana. Known for experimental music and dance, and as a place where artists, celebrities and other free spirits would meet when they wanted to be together without outsiders, many had heard of the exclusive club BÉBO, but only a lucky few ever found its secret entrance. The drink of choice was a delicious mixture of rum and Señora BÉBO’s famous Cuban coffee – always sipped from coffee mugs, just in case uninvited visitors from the authorities happened to stop by.

Keep an eye out for the hummingbird

The whereabouts of this notorious club? They could never be publicized for fear of attracting unwanted guests, but… sometimes you could hear the song of the hummingbird, a symbol for Club Bébo. Just listen closely, to this day many say you should listen out for the hummingbird’s song and keep a lookout for the icon; it’s a clear sign that Club Bébo is close by.

What makes this premium coffee liqueur special?

  • 100% Cuban Arabica coffee beans used, hand-picked by co-operatives in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra
  • Blending extraction from both hot and cold pressing methods.
  • Without any artificial colours or aromas, not even caramel
  • Lower sugar content then average coffee liqueur

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