Archers Peach Schnapps is a premium, international, contemporary fruit schnapps.

The instantly recognisable elegant white frosted bottle, with the full flavours of fresh peach and a subtle sweet flavour, were a hit upon launch and Archers has since become one of the fastest growing spirited drinks.

Heritage: Launched in 1986.

Interesting facts:

Traditionally, schnapps is enjoyed as an ice-cold shot. The word ‘schnapps’ even comes from the Norse word ‘snappen’, meaning ‘to snatch a gulp’.

The production custom was to soak different stone fruit in spirits; commonly using apples, pears, plums and cherries, and G. W. Archer and Co developed this in an innovative way with Archers Peach Schnapps: setting the standard for contemporary schnapps and creating the market for an easy drinking, premium category all of its own.


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