Schiedam, 27 October 2020. 325 years – thirsty for more! De Kuyper not only celebrates its anniversary this year but also emphasises its position as one of the innovation drivers in the spirits industry by introducing new ready-to-drink “Fizzy Favourites”: three of the most popular De Kuyper Liqueurs premixed with sparkling water and a splash of citrus fruit. “Fizzy Strawberry,” “Fizzy Passionfruit” and “Fizzy Watermelon” come in a 250ml ready-to-drink slimline can with only 4.5% vol. and will be available in on- and off-trade starting November 2020 in key markets such as the UK and The Netherlands.
“Next to our heritage, innovation is key for us. With innovative drink concepts such as ‘Fizzy Favourites’ we intend to enhance and democratise the liqueur category and to make cocktails more accessible,” explains Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper Royal Distillers. “This trend-setting serve is our answer to rising consumer trends such as convenience, low ABV and fruity-fresh ‘spritz’ drinks”.
The “Fizzy Favourites” reflect global cocktail trends such as high quality, convenience and low alcohol. Studies indicate that 54% of consumers purchase premixed drinks, 46% drink either mocktails or low-alcohol cocktails and the most popular taste profiles in on- and off-trade are: refreshing, berry, citrus, fruity and sweet as well as fizzy*. Accordingly and as a result of the “Fizzy Peachtree” success, De Kuyper is launching the new, premixed light, fruity-fresh and fizzy cocktails “Fizzy Strawberry,” “Fizzy Passionfruit” and “Fizzy Watermelon”. The target audience is 18-40 year-olds less experienced in cocktail drinking or making, but looking for a nice, fresh, quality drink.
The ideally balanced “Fizzy Favourites” are based on three of the most popular, fruity De Kuyper Liqueurs: De Kuyper Wild Strawberry, De Kuyper Passionfruit and De Kuyper Watermelon. For the exquisite fruity-fresh taste the cocktails are rounded off with sparkling water and a note of citrus perfectly balanced in the right proportions. The mouth-watering result: a perfectly balanced fizzy mix of full flavoured fruit and sparkling freshness, conveniently premixed. The best serve for moments of lighter enjoyment is directly from the chilled can out of the fridge or poured over ice in a glass.
The unique fruity-freshness originates from De Kuyper Liqueurs made of extracts and distillates locally handcrafted in De Kuyper’s own distillery using centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship. The family business is proud to have used the finest ingredients from natural sources such as fruits, spices and herbs for decades. That’s what makes De Kuyper Liqueurs stand out from the rest.
Founded in 1695 and operating in over 100 markets with more than 50 million bottles sold every year, De Kuyper is a family-owned company that values its tradition highly. De Kuyper Liqueurs are the world’s largest premium cocktail liqueur brand today. 2020 is an important year for De Kuyper Royal Distillers. Under the motto “thirsty for more” the company marks its 325th anniversary and is honouring the past, celebrating the present and looking forward to a promising future. By
continuously innovating, De Kuyper aims to continue to lead the worldwide cocktail liqueur market. With new products like the “Fizzy Favourites” De Kuyper proves its position as first mover in the category and consistently follows its vision to “Own the Cocktail”. The experience and passion for craft distilling led to awards like “Liqueur Producer of the Year” at ISC 2019.

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